Wood - Every tree is unique

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Wood - Every tree is unique

Every tree is unique.

Beech is a solid wood species that can exhibit different colors due to its specific structure and chemical composition. The color variation in beech wood is largely attributed to the presence of lignin, an organic polymer found in the cell walls of trees.

Role of Lignin when the tree is still growing:
Lignin serves to solidify the cell walls of plant cells, providing them with structure. It is also responsible for waterproofing and resistance to diseases. In the living tree, lignin is evenly distributed in the cells and has minimal impact on the color of the wood.

Role of Lignin after felling:
After a tree is felled, the wood begins to dry, and the tree can no longer produce new lignin. Lignin may concentrate in the vessels of the wood or distribute unevenly across the growth rings. These variations in lignin distribution result in the natural color variations in the wood, which are entirely normal. Typically, light-colored woods tend to darken, while naturally dark woods lighten.

Why color differences are normal:
Color differences in wood are normal and depend on various factors, including genetic variation, environmental conditions, the age of the tree, and growth conditions. This is illustrated in the example image above. The stand on the right side is a brand new arrival, the one on the left side has been exposed to sunlight for a few weeks.

Color differences in wood can be naturally balanced over time due to various weathering influences, such as sunlight exposure (indoors or outdoors).

In summary, color differences in beech wood are attributed to the interaction of factors like lignin distribution, growth conditions, and UV radiation. These differences contribute to the natural beauty and uniqueness of the wood.

Such variations are by no means a quality defect; instead, they give the wood its characteristic grain and uniqueness. After all, wood is not plastic.

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