Premium Chime Stand Single Flower of Life

Premium Chime Stand Single Flower of Life with Zaphir  Blue Moon
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Premium Chime Stand Single Flower of Life

Our new premium Chime Stand is produced by a German wood turner and is made out of solid beech wood. Your chime hangs directly above the Flower of Life which has been branded into the socket.

The symbol signifies the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected and part of the same divine unity. It promotes the understanding that we are all connected and encourages harmony and unity among individuals.

This high quality Chime Stand is easy to re- and disassemble so you can take it with you wherever you go - no tools needed.  Just screw the wooden bars together and put them into the socket.

Why did we design a chime stand which you can easy re- and disassemble?
We've gotten a lot of feedback from our customers over the last years. They told us they take the chimes with them to a garden party, to a nice coffe party at their neighbour, to the beach or to the park. They also sometimes need a temporary place to hang them when it simply is practical  for example at at Yoga Studio or when doing sound healing.  Well, here you go.

The chimes need some height to swing properly and one long wooden bar was simply a little too unpractical to transport them easily.  Now you have 3 pieces and do not need any tools. The conneting mechanism is stainless steel and high quality metal from one of the leading businesses in the metal industry worldwide. The stand itself is made out of solid beech wood by a German woodturner who really knows his work.

We believe - A beautiful chime deserves a magnificent stand

Only available at Gaiachimes. 

This stand is also perfect for yoga classes, sound healing sessions or meditation at home. Let your lovely chime swing at home or on the way and enjoy the wonderful sound.  Place it in front of the window, open it and enjoy the melody the wind is playing.

You can also place it in your garden and enjoy the lovely sound when a breeze swings by. Ever thought of doing gardening with your lovely chime in the background?

Try it.

Measurements Stand:
Height:  app. 50 cm /  19.7 in
Socket: 24 x 9 x 2.5 cm / 9.4 x 3.5 x 0.98 in
Screws: Stainless Steel

Take it with you wherever you go.
Note: We recommend to treat the wood regularly with oil or varnish to protect it.

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