Koshi Aria with Koshi Terra together - Air and Earth Sound Sample

Koshi Aria with Koshi Earth together sound sample
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Koshi Aria with Koshi Terra together - Air and Earth Sound Sample

Koshi Aria with Koshi Terra together - Air and Earth - Connection, Balance & Growth

Balance and Harmony: Air and earth represent different aspects of nature - air being associated with movement, intellect, and communication, while earth is linked to stability, grounding, and foundation. When these elements come together, they create a sense of balance and harmony between the ethereal and the material, the active and the passive.

Growth and Transformation: In many belief systems, the earth is seen as the nurturing source of life, providing the nutrients and support for growth and transformation. Air, on the other hand, symbolizes the breath of life, inspiration, and the unseen forces that facilitate change and evolution. Together, they represent the cycle of life, from the solid ground where seeds take root to the invisible forces that allow them to grow and flourish. Earth represents Mother Nature - Gaia

Grounding and Liberation: Earth is often associated with grounding energy, stability, and practicality, while air is connected to liberation, freedom, and transcending earthly limitations. When these elements come together, they offer a unique opportunity to balance the need for stability and security with the desire for expansion and exploration.
Connection and Communication: Air is often associated with communication, mental clarity, and the power of thought, while earth represents physical manifestation, material reality, and tangible connections. When these elements combine, they create a powerful synergy that can enhance our ability to express ourselves, connect with others, and manifest our desires into reality.

Spiritual Growth and Integration: On a deeper level, the combination of air and earth can symbolize the integration of spiritual and earthly energies within oneself. By embracing the qualities of both elements - the ethereal nature of air and the solid grounding of earth - individuals can achieve a sense of wholeness, balance, and alignment with their higher purpose.

Earth is associated with qualities such as patience, endurance, and groundedness. The Earth element embodies a strong foundation and a connection to the physical world. It represents nourishment, abundance, and stability, and is closely linked to growth, health, and prosperity. 

The deeper tunes from the Terra play along while the higher notes of the Aria carry the melody away along the higher notes. Listen to our exclusive sound sample where you can here the Koshi Aria and Koshi Terra together:



Koshi Aria - Element Air
A - D - F - G - A - D - F - A
The Aria chime symbolizing the element of air with its lightness and freedom. The delicate and airy melodies created by the Aria chime evoke a profound sense of liberation and tranquility. They invite you to release any burdens and allow the gentle whispers of the wind to guide you towards a state of calm and serenity.


The Koshi Aria is also a wonderful accompanying instrument for a smudging ritual. The sound of the instrument integrates with the ascending smoke, creating a harmonic connection between sound and scent. Perfect for initiating new beginnings and letting go of the old. 


Koshi Terra - Element Earth
G - C - E - F - G - C - E - G
The distinct notes in the Earth chime beautifully evoke the grounding and stabilizing aspects of the Earth element. These melodious tones create a tranquil atmosphere that effortlessly transports you to a place of rootedness and calmness.


Root Chakra (Muladhara): The Root Chakra is associated with grounding, stability, and physical needs. The Koshi sound instrument "Terra" with its deep, earthy tones can be a great choice. The Koshi Terra can help strengthen the Root Chakra, leading to an overall sense of stability, security, and comfort. The earthy and stabilizing sounds of the Earth in sound healing anchor us in the present moment, promoting a feeling of safety and centeredness.


Sound healing / Yoga
You can use the Koshi Aria perfectly for Yoga as it stands for fluid movement. It harmonizes the body, mind, and soul through the healing power of sounds and vibrations. Breathing, singing  or chanting are also wonderful exercised for the Air Element. The vibrations of the Koshi Terra are inherently connected to the earth and promote this connection. It is commonly used in sound healing or sound massage practices.

Musical instruments like drums, handpans, flutes and percussions are a lovely companion for this sound.


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